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Local Business Marketing Trends for Summer 2012

Local businesses are still facing fierce competition and need to be getting the most out of every marketing dollar they have if they are going to stay ahead. The sweltering summer weather is coming and along with it one of the busiest sales seasons for many industries.

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Custom Water Bottles a Safer Investment than Facebook Shares?

Facebook just launched its landmark IPO among much hype and warnings but could investing in custom water bottles as a marketing tool be a safer investment than Facebook shares or Facebook advertising? Some respect is certainly due to Facebook founders and employees for developing such a valuable

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Discovering Hidden Profits in Marketing with Custom Bottles of Water

Custom labeled bottles of water have quickly become recognized as one of the most powerful and important marketing and branding tools for all types of businesses but many are still failing to see the big picture and big profits private label water offers. You Aren’t Thinking Big

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Personalized Water Bottle Labels for Unforgettable Occasions

Custom water bottles can make the perfect finishing touch for memorable occasions that no one will forget. Regardless of whether you are a business owner or manager hosting an event and want to go the extra mile when it comes to customer service while setting up ongoing

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Pinterest & Custom Bottles of Water the Perfect Marketing Match?

Are hot new social network Pinterest and custom branded bottles of water the perfect marriage of winning offline and online marketing tools for local businesses in 2012? Pinterest Unlike the plethora of other ‘must have’ social networks which have popped up over the last couple of years,

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Thanks to Custom Bottles of Water, my fundraiser was a huge success!

Everybody commented on how unique the bottles were and loved the design your team made.


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