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Archive for April, 2012

Custom Bottles of Water the Missing Ingredient for Your Spa?

Spa’s and wellness centers looking for that missing ingredient to pull their brands, marketing and a higher level of customer service together may find custom bottles of water just what they have been looking for. Why custom bottles of water? There are actually many reasons for and

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How Businesses Can Use Custom Water Bottles to Earn Unbreakable Loyalty

Hotels, spas, bars and restaurants often incorporate custom water bottles as one of their most powerful marketing and branding tools with their own labels on them. Unfortunately, many are missing out on the most valuable uses of them, while the savviest hospitality professionals are using them to

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Why No Marketer Should Be Without Custom Bottles of Water

If one profession or type of company can’t afford to be without its own custom labeled bottles of water it is marketers. More than just being an essential branding tool they are also critical marketing tools for raising visibility and winning new clients. Perhaps most importantly for

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How Marketers Use Custom Water Bottles to Boost Small Business Loyalty?

Marketers are turning one of the most common, every day items into one of the most powerful small business tools around for building brand loyalty. How are they doing it? What Creates Custom Loyalty for Small Businesses Anyway? Small and growing businesses don’t need to copy large

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