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Wedding Water: Another memorable detail for your wedding

Can you recall some of the most memorable aspects of weddings you have attended? Perhaps it was the music, the décor, the location, or perhaps just an accumulation of the little details that brought it all together. At the end of it all, you’re given a keepsake

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Studies show custom bottles of water provide cheer

Ok, we couldn’t wait to share this one! Providing your clients with a custom bottle of water can improve their mood! More specifically, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that a person’s level of hydration can affect their bodies more than just physically, but emotionally, too!

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Consumer-safe advertising with BPA free custom bottles

The chemical bisphenol A has proven to be the cause of a number of serious health threats including cancer and endocrine disorders. Studies performed in relation to this chemical indicated a harmful effect that led most manufacturing companies to abandon the use of BPA in 2006. In

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Moving people to action in a unique way

A rough estimate of annual nonprofit sector marketing spending puts it at about $7.6 billion. Human service nonprofit marketing spending alone is $1.9 billion. Yet, charitable giving in the U.S. has remained constant at about 2% of GDP since we’ve been measuring it! It’s obvious that marketing

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Promote health with your custom bottles of water

As mentioned in a previous article, water is extremely important to our bodies and plays a part in leading a healthy lifestyle. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and Center for Disease Control have given several compelling reasons to make the switch to bottled water. Take a

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